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Optical in-situ Sensors


Picture of BackScat I fluorometer Xe-flashlight fluorometer, single window, fast response, low power consumption, automatic range, integrated turbidity and other sensors available, spectral ranges: VIS, UV I and UV II, filter-units: chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin, humic acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, phenol, oils, Rhodamine B, sulforhodamine, fluorescein, eosin, pyranin, naphthionate.
Titanium housing max 6000 m

BackScat II

Picture of BackScat II fluorometerXe-flashlight fluorometer, simultaneous measurement of two fluorescent agents and turbidity optionally, spectral ranges as BackScat I fluorometers, filters: chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin, humic acids, chlorophyll, rhodamines, uranine, 3-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, oil. Titanium housing max. 3000 m