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Dr. Haardt Optik-Mikroelektronik

Optical in-situ Sensors for

  • Monitoring and Exploration of Seawaters, Lakes and Rivers
  • Online Monitoring of Drinking Water and Waste Water
  • Investigations of Water-Movements e.g. in the Subsoil

Detectable are Chlorophylls of algae, humic acids, hydrocarbons, aromates, tracer dyes such as Rhodamines and other fluorescent substances at concentrations ranging from 10 mg/l down below the 10 ng/l level.

Special Applications are e.g.:

  • in-situ monitoring of hydrocarbons in waste waters
  • pollution monitoring of oil loading harbours
  • leakage detection of underwater pipelines and sewers
  • diffusion experiments using different fluorescent dyes simultaneously

The sensors are designed to operate in towed operation, in moorings free of maintainance for a year and may operate in special designs down to 6000 m water depth.